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Hori Consulting has access to number of highly skilled individuals in marketing and engineering. Well coordinated professional approach provides the most effective solutions to our clients. Some individuals may not be listed as formal assoicates but we can reach the best talent whenever they are available.

Mike Kelley
Mike Kelley has over 25 years experience working in the machine vision industry and was President of the AIA Board of Directors from ‘01-‘03,  in addition to serving on the Board from ‘99-‘03. He was Director of JAI PULNiX’s Smart Camera business unit.  Previously he worked as Director of Sales and Marketing for ESI (Electro Scientific Industries Inc) in Portland, Oregon. Prior to ESI, Mike Kelley was a Vision Product Marketing Manager for Allen-Bradley and a Senior Vision Application engineer for Automatix Inc.  He also held positions as a Research Engineer for the US Department of Defense, and as a Manufacturing Manager for Proctor and Gamble. He has authored various papers and has been awarded several patents pertaining to machine vision. He graduated with a BSEE from Purdue University in 1978.